Sunday, May 26, 2013

X-Wing Game 150pts

A Rumble in the Asteroid Field

Luke with two Red Squadron pilots and Arvel Crynyo and his Green Squadron wingman ran into a mess of ties and tie interceptors while sweeping the asteroid field.

Needless to say in the end very few fighters flew away unscathed.  Pretty much a big mess of a game.  Its easy to play solo, but hard at the same time.  If terrain is complicated it can really slow things down.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Warzone miniatures...I mean my new Venusian infantry for Jovian Chronicles

I just got back my Misihima minis today and they look awesome.  Space samurai!  These will be great for the Japanese themed Venusians I need when I do boarding actions in Lightening Strike.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Xwing First Impressions

I have been holding back involving myself in another game, but not well enough it would seem.  I went to an X-Wing by Fantasy Flight demo today at Armchair Adventurer.  The game was actually very simple to learn and in no time we were in a furious dogfight.
 - Movement - I really like the maneuver mechanism.   The predetermined maneuvers, which are differentiated by ship type, allows for accelerated game play.  Instead of waiting for the other player to move and decide what to do next, the moves are decided at the same time and then executed seamlessly   I was surprised by how easily it played like this.  The various movement templates were also sensible and well designed for faster play.

- Combat - Wow, I couldn't believe how simple the combat was.  I really liked the way in which you just add or drop dice instead of modifying the die role numbers.  Speaking of which, there are not numbers.  The new trend of special dice, like Saga, does not use numerical values makes life much easier for the gamer.  It may not be as detailed a system, but it definitely makes for fun gaming.

Pictures from our first game today.  I destroyed all four tie fighters without a loss.  The 2nd game was not as successful.  In fact I lost an X-Wing in the 2nd turn.  Anyways, I walked away with the starter kit and got home to order some more rebel much for the not starting into another game.
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