Thursday, November 28, 2013

800 TV PRDF vs PAK

800 TV game of Heavy Gear Blitz

In preparation for the upcoming PRDF Army book release, I decided to pull out my PRDF and start playing them some.  I drew a defensive mission and so was quite happy with the army I brought to the fight.

1 x GP squad w/ Warriors Vets 3/3
1 x Section of Anti-Gear Infantry
1 x FS squad w/ Warrior IV and one Crusader upgraded to a Juggernaut Cataphract
1 x Coyote
Objectives - Protect (Cataphract)
                    Survive (Infantry)
The PAK player fielded:

1 x Lt Hover tank squad (1xLHT-71 and 2xLHT-67s)
1 x Lt Hover tank squad (xLHT-71 and xLHT-67)
1 x GP squad of Jaegers
Objectives - Escape (1x Hovertank squad)
                    Scout (Cataphract)  later revised because it wasn't a static target to the cataphract's starting location.

In an awesome display of massed indirect fires, the PRDF splashes a LHT-68 in the first turn as it races south to escape off the southern end of the board.

The other tanks race south along the eastern side of the board.

The PAK forces in the west are initially much more cautious.

PAK forces try to envelop from the west, hoping to successfully scout the Cataphracts position.  This does not work out very well for the PAK as they loose two more tanks to deadly rail gun and mortar fire from the Catphract and the Coyote at close range while being supported by the warriors.  ** Using the Juggernaut upgrade is fantastic with the Cataphract.  The models size kind of misrepresents its actual size.  According to the stats it is a size 8 and so smaller than the LHTs which are size 10.  This being said playing chicken with tanks is a bad idea.**

All in all the game was close.  Unfortunately, we had to call it because of the time, but it was a very interesting duel between the PRDF and PAK.  Looking forward to the next one.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Heavy Gear Online You Tube Tutorial

These guys did a great tutorial Video on the basics of Heavy Gear with miniatures and a good camera. I highly recommend this as something to watch as a beginner or advanced player to refresh the basics.

Here is another one which is pretty good, if you can understand..hahaha.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jovian Chronicles 2204 Game Setup

Game Setup

1)  Reference the Rules List (video) and verify you have access to the correct rules.  There is errata for VBAM-108.  If you are unclear or need rules, let me know.

2) Download your factions Turn Sheet* (Mercury,Venus, CEGA, Mars Fed, Mars Free Rep) and watch video about turn record sheet. (video)  Email Turn 1 to me by 29 Nov, and Turn 2 by 13 Dec.  Questions, comments, concerns anytime, but the dates stand as hard dates.

3) Engagements will be worked out on a case by case basis during the 2nd week of each turn using the Engagement Record Sheet (video)

4) Turns will end with Turn Reports (video)

Issues anytime email me at - sfsct3172_at_gmail_dot_com

*Edits - 21NOV2013  Redid some of the calculations on the Turn Sheets.  Please new ones
             22NOV2013  Updated the Turn Report power point to account for other factions except for map
             25NOV2013  Updated the Rules Listing to include JC:VBAM Rule 2.10.4
                                    Uploaded edited faction sheets, fixed linkages and formulas
                                    Updated Turn report format to cover all factions and map redrawn

Friday, November 15, 2013

VBAM Jovian Chronicles Game Online

    We have two players so far.  So one more slot on the basic Mercury, Venus, Earth Scenario I modified off of the Intro Scenario.  We are going to run through Turn 2 and see how things go. I have designed a specific excel spreadsheet for JC.  Using the unit listing from the JC book, I have a data manager that should make turns fairly simple to run.  Won't be too much stuff running around on the board after only two turns, so it should work.  Larger games might be challenging because of all the units and ships everywhere.
 Turn Excel Sheet  Turn Report Power Point  List of Rules  Both of these are the files I will use.  Obviously they will be paired down for each player.  Players will only see opposing player units if they are in their space or they have conducted reconnaissance of foreign territory.  So each player will receive their own catered Turn Report specific to their faction. Communications between factions can be official (through me) or unofficial (direct).

We will use a setting year of 2204.  CEGA is still working on expanding its influence and reclaim its position as the overlord of all its colonies.  Although militarily weak, they are looking to consolidate power in the inner planets before turning to face the power of the Jovians and the messy Mars situation. Venus finds itself in a difficult position facing an aggressive Earth and a unsupportive and neutral Mercury.  Mercury needs to walk the tightrope and establish a significant trade network that will protect its sovereignty through trade alliances.  Each planet has advantages and disadvantages.  Hegemonic victory may be possible, but not essential.  Victory can be made through military deterrence, economic superiority or simple protection through a complex web of treaties.  I hope we have a good time with this.  It may not be super flashy through turn 2, but I think it will be great test run.

      Enough of me blabbing, so here is where I would like to get comments from anyone and everyone on the concept or files hyperlinked above.  Still shooting for a 22NOV launch.  On that day Players could start Turn 1.  So initial setup unit purchase list will need to be completed and turned in by morning of 21NOV.  That way I can input all the data and set up the turn reports.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

JC: VBAM Proposal Pitch on DP9 website

Well I pitched my idea on the DP9 website to see if I could find some players to try out an online game using just the intro scenario.  I think if I can reduce the amount of work for the players and if I can turn out good end of turn products this should work and still maintain the interest of the players.

Anyone who reads this is welcome to play, just let me know.
 Here is the link:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I think I am on the verge of starting a JC:VBAM Campaign.  Probably the 2214 Campaign from the VBAM-108 book.  I have been working on a spreadsheet that can manage all the data and make tracking easier.  Streamlined some of the details so that it would be easier for players to complete their turn input.  Then if I run the campaign as the moderator I can fill in the specific data and work out details.  Only thing was that I wanted to play out engagements with LS2.  I have ships and Exos standing by.  Hhmmm, lets see what happens....
Lightning Strike Rulebook 2nd Edition
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