Thursday, November 28, 2013

800 TV PRDF vs PAK

800 TV game of Heavy Gear Blitz

In preparation for the upcoming PRDF Army book release, I decided to pull out my PRDF and start playing them some.  I drew a defensive mission and so was quite happy with the army I brought to the fight.

1 x GP squad w/ Warriors Vets 3/3
1 x Section of Anti-Gear Infantry
1 x FS squad w/ Warrior IV and one Crusader upgraded to a Juggernaut Cataphract
1 x Coyote
Objectives - Protect (Cataphract)
                    Survive (Infantry)
The PAK player fielded:

1 x Lt Hover tank squad (1xLHT-71 and 2xLHT-67s)
1 x Lt Hover tank squad (xLHT-71 and xLHT-67)
1 x GP squad of Jaegers
Objectives - Escape (1x Hovertank squad)
                    Scout (Cataphract)  later revised because it wasn't a static target to the cataphract's starting location.

In an awesome display of massed indirect fires, the PRDF splashes a LHT-68 in the first turn as it races south to escape off the southern end of the board.

The other tanks race south along the eastern side of the board.

The PAK forces in the west are initially much more cautious.

PAK forces try to envelop from the west, hoping to successfully scout the Cataphracts position.  This does not work out very well for the PAK as they loose two more tanks to deadly rail gun and mortar fire from the Catphract and the Coyote at close range while being supported by the warriors.  ** Using the Juggernaut upgrade is fantastic with the Cataphract.  The models size kind of misrepresents its actual size.  According to the stats it is a size 8 and so smaller than the LHTs which are size 10.  This being said playing chicken with tanks is a bad idea.**

All in all the game was close.  Unfortunately, we had to call it because of the time, but it was a very interesting duel between the PRDF and PAK.  Looking forward to the next one.
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