Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jovian Chronicles 2204 Game Setup

Game Setup

1)  Reference the Rules List (video) and verify you have access to the correct rules.  There is errata for VBAM-108.  If you are unclear or need rules, let me know.

2) Download your factions Turn Sheet* (Mercury,Venus, CEGA, Mars Fed, Mars Free Rep) and watch video about turn record sheet. (video)  Email Turn 1 to me by 29 Nov, and Turn 2 by 13 Dec.  Questions, comments, concerns anytime, but the dates stand as hard dates.

3) Engagements will be worked out on a case by case basis during the 2nd week of each turn using the Engagement Record Sheet (video)

4) Turns will end with Turn Reports (video)

Issues anytime email me at - sfsct3172_at_gmail_dot_com

*Edits - 21NOV2013  Redid some of the calculations on the Turn Sheets.  Please new ones
             22NOV2013  Updated the Turn Report power point to account for other factions except for map
             25NOV2013  Updated the Rules Listing to include JC:VBAM Rule 2.10.4
                                    Uploaded edited faction sheets, fixed linkages and formulas
                                    Updated Turn report format to cover all factions and map redrawn

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