Monday, December 3, 2012

  I was told repeatedly before and I didn't listen.  "Don't plan on doing anything during Grad school other than school work."  They were right and I was wrong.  However, no one said anything about during breaks between semesters.  Cannot wait for the end of this pain!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

  Heavy Gear Games 1 and 2 in Hawaii complete.  I had an awesome time playing again after 7.5 years against a real live opponent.  I think we both really learned a lot and hope to see some more of this game in the future.  For sure as soon as we move in to our new house the garage will become a gaming cave.  And I need to start designing that.  anyways, back to the games.  We played two iterations.

1st Game (Learning Game)
    So we had a fairly neutral table and squared off one Northern Airborne Squad of the WFP Crazy 8's Regiment against a Southern Airborne Squad of the 99th Skyhawks.  Although equal in points, it seems that more firepower and speed beats heavier armor.  However, this was not a really telling game of capabilities of the squads because we were both trying to learn the system from the latest Field Manual Revised Rules.

2nd Game (Beginner Company Level Game)
   In this game we decided to spice it up and add objectives and try the CEF forces (hover and infantry heavy) against a company of the Crazy 8s again.  the *s were to attack a CEF Company and destroy its two LHT 71s (Assassination) in order to achieve victory.  However, this would prove much more difficult than it initially thought.  First, the terrain was not very good for the 8s as they made poor choices for infil routes and were basically bogged down in rice paddies as they approached the CEF Force.  Second, the 8s sent the JV to fight and skill rolls became very difficult as it became extremely difficult to hit enemy tanks, let alone have a MoS large enough to cause damage to the tanks.  Luckily, a few veterans in aging clunky Hunter Commandos brought their bazookas to bear and downed one of the LHT-71s and two LHT 67s.  The 8s also managed to take out one of the CEF Frames sniping at them from the village the CEF occupied on turn one.  In the end, the 8s withdrew as a CEF Grel Platoon closed to close range and started to inflict damage.  Maybe next time we should actually use our Airborne perk and jump into the target area instead of sloshing it out through the rice paddies...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Renegade Legion : Leviathan Campaign

Leviathan Campaign:  Shorta System Action (6833)
   As fighting along the front intensified TOG Raids against CW planets in Shannedam County became unbearable.  TOG's ability to reach deep into CW space was greatly assisted by the TOG invasion of Wuj and their occupation of several strategic systems (Kellog and Shota) inside the Wuj Salient that stretched the CW lines and prevented rapid repositioning of CW and RL force along th front.  In an effort to 1) Cut off Wuj, 2) Increase security of shipping lanes and 3) Prevent deep penetration raids by TOG forces CW Command ordered element of RL and CW Forces to begin Raiding the Shorta System as it contained a fairly significant TOG Naval Base and was home to one of the main culprits of the cross boarder raids, the notorious 98790th Naval Raiding Squadron.  As part of the first phase of this operation CW Command ordered Zone reconnaissance of the Shorta System in preparation for further action.

Recon Gone Wrong            (Shorta Scenario 1)
                                                  A reconnaissance element of two RL Destroyers entered the Shorta System on 9 SEP 6833 with the goal of assessing TOG military strength.  Last report had the TOG operating a Naval Raiding Sqdn (98790th) an Interceptor Group (44244th).  These assets operated in and around a Orbital Station orbiting the only planet in the system (Skate). 
                As a precursor to a future RL incursion, these destroyers were detached for a high speed pass through the system to obtain critical information and pinpoint defensive systems.  As luck would have it, the two RL destroyers exited T-Space and immediately began to experience mechanical complications.  Whether due to poor maintenance or just the age of the RL ships it did not matter, they were forced to stop and abort their high speed pass of the system on the outer edge of the system.  Although initially caught off guard, TOG forces immediately dispatched its destroyer on patrol, along with two others from the Naval base along with some fighters for protection.  Wary of a RL feint, the system Prefect chose to hold his heavier ships and fighters in reserve, anticipating a subsequent T-Space event closer to the planet.  Only a small spike had registered on the T-Space Doppler prior to the RL Destroyer's entry into the system and the fact that there was no indication of any follow T-Doppler waves was a bit nerve racking as this was the tactic for invasions.   Ships would make long jumps to points near systems, exit into N-Space shed some of their shimmer and then make the quick jump into the target system, giving the defenders little to no time to react.  So the TOG Prefect sent his sacrificial lambs to investigate...

Game Setup
Using one map sheet lengthwise(floating map), the TOG player enters Turn 1 from the extreme end of the first map sheet.  The RL Player starts in the middle of Map 1 with any heading.  TOG moves first on the first turn and then imitative is rolled on all subsequent turns.
TOG:  Elements of 98790th Naval Raiding Squadron
2 Fulgar Class Destroyers (Massada, Tapae)
1 Serpens Class Carrier (Cannae)

Renegade Legion:   10221st Renegade Patrol Squadron
1 Exeter Class Destroyer (Pometia)
1 Ajax Class Destroyer (Longula)

Special Rules

   Hexsides and Hexlines are acceptable directions of travel.  Changing from line to line or side to side costs one turn as it does in Leviathan.  If only using half the turn it still costs as one turn.  So if you go from Hexline to Hexside, even though shorter it costs the same.  RL players roll 1d10 every time they move.  If a 10 is rolled they lose one thrust.

No in-scenario repair.  It is considered on going.

Victory Conditions

If RL forces are able to reach speed 12 they will be able to enter T-Space and escape back to their out of system rally point they succeed.  Mere survival.

TOG forces gain 1 Campaign Victory point for destroying a CW/RL DD sized Capital Ship and .1 for every fighter.    2 pts for capture of a CW/RL Capital ship.

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