Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Leviathan Campaign: Scenario 2 [Shorta (6833)]

Hunting the Hunters           (Shorta Scenario 2)
                                                  After the  reconnaissance of the Shorta System on 28 APR 6833, Commonwealth Naval Command decided to commit forces to severally depleting the TOG Naval Raiding Sqdn (98790th) and Interceptor Groups (44244th) now confirmed to be operating in the system.  The purpose of this mission would be to reduce the TOG Naval units by 50%.  The Orbital Station (Skate) is to be ignored for future operations.  A Heavy Carrie Squadron was also directed to move to the Shorta system from Newport in a follow and assume role.
                                                  The TOG Legate, after the last incursion, felt it necessary to request a reinforcement Task Force, ASAP.  In the meantime, the systems Naval forces would be consolidated and committed en masse.

Game Setup
Using two map sheets the TOG and CW player enter Turn 1 from opposite ends of the map sheet.  CW moves first on the first turn and then imitative is rolled on all subsequent turns.
98790th Naval Raiding Squadron
1 Crusier Carrier
1 Crusier
3 Frigates
6 Destroyers

20988 Battleship Squadron (Ashen) Reinforcements Turn 4
1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
4 Frigates
3 Destroyers

Renegade Legion:  
10221st Renegade Patrol Squadron
2 Frigates
6 Destroyer

49008 Battleship Squadron (Heightened Fury)
1 Battleship
3 Cruisers
1 Frigate
4 Destroyers

203322 Heavy Carrier Raiding Squadron  (The Caralis Hustlers) Reinforcements not available until next scenario if necessary
1 Battleship Class Carrier
1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
4 Frigates
5 Destroyers

 Special Rules

TOG reinforcements arrive on Turn 4.
No in-scenario repair.  It is considered on-going.
All armor from past engagements repaired.
Victory Conditions

If RL forces are able to destroy %75 of the TOG 98790th Naval Raiding Squadron in 5 turns

Both sides gain 1 Campaign Victory point for destroying a CW/RL DD or FFG , 2 for a CA and 3 for a BB.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leviathan Campaign: Shorta System Action (6833) Update

Well, it took a long time for the results of the action to be communicated to Earth...about 5  months!
Anyways, if you want the background look in Oct 2012 posts...

     The CWS Pometia and CWS Longula began their run for T-Space as soon as the repairs were complete.  Unfortunately, the TOG patrol from caught the Commonwealth ships as they spooled up their drives to escape.  The The INS Masada, INS Tapae and INS Cannae from the 98790th Naval Raiding Squadron. The TOG ships charged right up behind the the Renegade ships fire their spinal mounts right into their exhaust pipes.  Damage to the rear armor was complete, annihilating huge chunks of the ships aft sides.  The damage however, did not penetrate any critical systems, allowing the Renegade ships to accelerate away.  
    The Renegade ships took parting shots and launched their missiles as a last ditch effort to deter TOG pursuit.  The missiles were particularly effective and penetrated the shields and turret defenses of the Cannae, causing catastrophic damage resulting in the destruction of the Serpens class destroyer.  Laser broadsides slightly damaged the forward armor on both of the Fulgar class destroyers.  The next turn the Renegades won initiative and doubled power to the engines and reached escaped velocity.  So the Renegades escaped with their data from the recon and ships in tact.  TOG lost a destroyer, which would be easily replaced.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Terraform Farm Raid on Mars (Jovian Chronicles Mars Campaign One)

  Mars, Xanthe Terra, vic Hell Station
Mission 1 (used HGB rules, charters tracked on Silhouette)
The Republic 4thSquad, Martin's Martian Raiders was tasked with disrupting Federation Terraforming operations in the region in an effort to draw forces away from the Seigpunkt section of the boarder region.  This feint would allow Rep forces time to preposition and recover from the continuous stagnated trench warfare of the Eastern Front.
The squad led by the quick and skilled gear pilot Jason W. led a surprise raid after and airborne infiltration to the east of the objective, named Haleiwa Staion 6.  Attacking in the early morning hours, the squad overran the station and its reinforced infantry platoon, incurring massive casualties and damage to key installations.  Their withdraw route after the raid took them to the south as they planned to exfil via the Valles Marineris region and to the south of Pavonis Mons.  The highly rocky terrain and wreckage from the collapse of the orbital elevator in the region coupled with the low population density would allow them a better chance of escape to the exfil point where other company elements would link up with them and cover their recovery by VTOL

Haleiwa 6 Station (Red blips from latest Intelsat flyby)

Fire support section  annihilates enemy infantry in the open (View from the SBF to the SE of OBJ)

Assault section flanks to the north of the OBJ as the SBF suppresses the Federation infantry.

Assault section clears the OBJ from North to South

The end for the beleaguered Federation militia

Now all he have to do is make it to the Exfil point...easier said than done.  Next time mission 2...
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