Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leviathan Campaign: Shorta System Action (6833) Update

Well, it took a long time for the results of the action to be communicated to Earth...about 5  months!
Anyways, if you want the background look in Oct 2012 posts...

     The CWS Pometia and CWS Longula began their run for T-Space as soon as the repairs were complete.  Unfortunately, the TOG patrol from caught the Commonwealth ships as they spooled up their drives to escape.  The The INS Masada, INS Tapae and INS Cannae from the 98790th Naval Raiding Squadron. The TOG ships charged right up behind the the Renegade ships fire their spinal mounts right into their exhaust pipes.  Damage to the rear armor was complete, annihilating huge chunks of the ships aft sides.  The damage however, did not penetrate any critical systems, allowing the Renegade ships to accelerate away.  
    The Renegade ships took parting shots and launched their missiles as a last ditch effort to deter TOG pursuit.  The missiles were particularly effective and penetrated the shields and turret defenses of the Cannae, causing catastrophic damage resulting in the destruction of the Serpens class destroyer.  Laser broadsides slightly damaged the forward armor on both of the Fulgar class destroyers.  The next turn the Renegades won initiative and doubled power to the engines and reached escaped velocity.  So the Renegades escaped with their data from the recon and ships in tact.  TOG lost a destroyer, which would be easily replaced.

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