Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heavy Gear Campaign: Operation Sudden Fire (Solo)

After a long hiatus, I have been able to touch and even play with some of my miniatures.  I have three things on my plate Heavy Gear wise.
   1) I am playing a campaign (Op Sudden Fire), on e of the old HG Tactical Scenario Books.  The campaign covers the survival of a Southern MILICIA company size element which had its regiment destroyed in poorly planned attacks on Northern outposts in the northern Badlands.  I am in the middle of the first scenario, where a Southern long range reconnaissance unit is trying to escape back to base with vital information.  They have been jammed by Northern elements and have no choice but to barrel through a Northern counter reconnaissance force.  I also decided to try using cards this time instead of the printed out army lists.

2)  I am working on Fleet scale task forces to use on the WH40K planet scape tiles.  The goal is to use the fleet scale as pieces on a campaign map to maneuver and accomplish objectives.  Of course each piece will relate to a unit and have a corresponding army list.  This will be another future goal.

3)  I am working on converting another HG Tac scenario book (The Two Towers) to Blitz for use in a campaign with a friend.  In order to dispense with the TV counts and very detailed balancing to have a total force pool of 8 combat groups.  No more than 50% can be veteran.  Damage and losses will felt as the campaign progresses as there will not be replacements, and only limited repair possibilities. 
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