Friday, November 15, 2013

VBAM Jovian Chronicles Game Online

    We have two players so far.  So one more slot on the basic Mercury, Venus, Earth Scenario I modified off of the Intro Scenario.  We are going to run through Turn 2 and see how things go. I have designed a specific excel spreadsheet for JC.  Using the unit listing from the JC book, I have a data manager that should make turns fairly simple to run.  Won't be too much stuff running around on the board after only two turns, so it should work.  Larger games might be challenging because of all the units and ships everywhere.
 Turn Excel Sheet  Turn Report Power Point  List of Rules  Both of these are the files I will use.  Obviously they will be paired down for each player.  Players will only see opposing player units if they are in their space or they have conducted reconnaissance of foreign territory.  So each player will receive their own catered Turn Report specific to their faction. Communications between factions can be official (through me) or unofficial (direct).

We will use a setting year of 2204.  CEGA is still working on expanding its influence and reclaim its position as the overlord of all its colonies.  Although militarily weak, they are looking to consolidate power in the inner planets before turning to face the power of the Jovians and the messy Mars situation. Venus finds itself in a difficult position facing an aggressive Earth and a unsupportive and neutral Mercury.  Mercury needs to walk the tightrope and establish a significant trade network that will protect its sovereignty through trade alliances.  Each planet has advantages and disadvantages.  Hegemonic victory may be possible, but not essential.  Victory can be made through military deterrence, economic superiority or simple protection through a complex web of treaties.  I hope we have a good time with this.  It may not be super flashy through turn 2, but I think it will be great test run.

      Enough of me blabbing, so here is where I would like to get comments from anyone and everyone on the concept or files hyperlinked above.  Still shooting for a 22NOV launch.  On that day Players could start Turn 1.  So initial setup unit purchase list will need to be completed and turned in by morning of 21NOV.  That way I can input all the data and set up the turn reports.

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