Sunday, January 13, 2013

And so finally after a long week, I have time to finish up this battle report...hopefully.

Stating Positions

CEF Forces encountered lead elements of the Legion Noire on the outskirts of Villenueve.  The CEF after moving a great distance had most of its assets mounted with the exception of the Flails and several combat groups in reserve status waiting to be dropped in to support any extended firefights.  The HT-72s and the HHT-90 initially planned to use the large hills and buildings to mask their approach.  This became problematic when the HHT-90s commander figured out that big tanks could not move through tight spaces, requiring a shift in the tactics.  The Flails hoped to move forward using cover and concealment afforded by the smaller buildings to the south so that they could pour harassing rocket fire into the enemy Striders and Armor in order to fix them while the tanks enveloped from the north.  This plan succeeded and failed in the end.

End of Turn 1

So the CEF decided to continue with the HT-72 attack on the northern side of the field tying up several Southern gear cadres Meanwhile the HHT-90 shifted its position to the south looking for better maneuverability and fields of fire.  The FLAILs were spotted by Southern Recon units and pummeled in an Artillery strike which decimated the platoon.  Mindless brains in armor as they are continued to trudge and hover forward.
Tanks attack on the northern flank
HT-72s Drive By

In what initially was a very successful maneuver, the HT-72s, instead of entering the Southern Deployment Zone, turned and headed south shooting as they went.  A couple very lucky shots knocked out a couple of Southern Cobras and smaller gears.  Ultimately, terrain and lack of space on the board forced them to slow and stop and were almost immediately destroyed.  A GREL platoon was able to drop in and threaten the Legion's southern flank, although speed prevented them from doing anything, but clog up the open areas.  Meanwhile, Southern Striders were having a great day as they started to do serious damage to oncoming CEF forces.
Well....looks I ran out of time.  The little one is up....more to follow later...

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