Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally the follow up of the battle report for a game played on 6JAN2013

Our Army Commander fought hard to take down as many of the SRA gears protecting the entrance into their deployment zone.  Unfortunately, he was overwhelmed with fire, but took quite a few gears with him.  Quickly, the HHT-90 tried to close with the Army Commander's HT-72 and support him, but arrived two late after demolishing a small village in his haste..."oohh well...its just a bunch of Terra Novans...nobody important!" 

 The Flails moved into the small forested area in support of the HHT-90.  Grel Airborne Platoon made an assault of the clump of woods on the south of the hill.  Smoke markers were become scare at this time, as there were a mass of burning tank and gears littering the field.

  The Legion Noire Commander decided it was time to bring in his last reinforcements.  He jumped in his Airborne Gear Cadre and Army Commander right behind the fragile gap being held onto by a couple infantry, one damaged Visigoth and some gears and a strider as they faced the onrushing giant in the distance.

 The HHT-90 came in guns blazing and amazingly did zero damage.  The Grel Platoon it carried and joined the airborne Grels and Flails already fighting in the area.  The Legion Noire Commander was on the verge of screaming a long, diverse and imaginative string of curses, when fire from his tank and striders punched into the HHT-90s turrets and blew it sky high.


 The Grels, furious that they would have to walk the rest of the way into the objective because the SRA had blown up their ride retaliated and destroyed a strider. The Grels surged forward in a wave of purple heads.  The SRA Airborne Cadre, sprayed fire into the Grels hoping to slow the down.

 With little hope of destroying the SRA in the deployment Zone.  The CEF settled for darting one of the LHT-71s into the deployment zone in a sneak play tot he north of the hill while successfully accomplishing its assassinate mission of the GP cadre Leader.  The SRA had prevented the CEF from penetrating into the deployment zone in mass, but by VP, the CEF won.  However, when counting up the TV lost and accounting for damage as well, the SRA was a clear victor, exacting massive damage on the CEF.

After thoughts - (these are mine only, my opponent my add some later if he wants)
1) Great scenario, but should have reduced the amount of terrain some. Given the size of the HHT-90, urban fighting and restrictive terrain were extremely difficult to negotiate. 
2) Still had a combat groups in reserve waiting to jump in (Frames) which would have really come in handy in the restrictive terrain to the north.  Maybe keep more units one the boad in the beginning.
3) Att/Def values are more important than numbers...except for Grels and Flails.  Got to get them into the fight faster to tie up enemy.
4) Speed kills without support.  HHT-72s outpaced their support and ...died.
5) Failure to use indirect systems effectively.

Next game is going to be smaller.  Wife not so happy about us ending at almost 11PM...oh well she will get over it!  Thats it.

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