Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jovian Chronicles Campaign Overview

I have resolved to run a Jovian Chronicles Campaign.  The overall campaign will use VBAM for running the economic, financial and military elements at the strategic and operational levels.

Space:  Operational level syncs with Strategic in space and I will use the VBAM JC maneuver map for the solar system.  For larger naval battles, defined as involving two opposing capital ships, or more, I will use a combination of JC and Aerotech ships for fleets, with JC stats and then use elements for THW Star Navy for resolution since this will be all solo.  For smaller level engagements I will use JC skirmish rules and some Star Army I think.  For boarding actions, I will definitely use Star Army with Warzone/Starship Trooper/VOR/etc.  minis.

Ground:  Operational element as I will use WH40K Planetscape tiles for moving Bn+ elements and then when companies (-) engage I will play out using Heavy Gear gears and rules with PEZ concept from Star Army. This will really only be used for Mars, as it is the only divided planet at war right now in the JC story line.

I plan on starting out in around 2214, six months after peace negotiations began on Mars after the Battle of Kurtzenheim.  Federation troops with CEGA support are once again aggressively probing Free Republic areas.  Jovian support has been requested, but fallout from the losses sustained during the Kurtzenheim Fiasco still prevent full commitment of the armed forces.  A small contingent of Gear and Exo pilots and equipment, under the name of the JVG (Jovian Volunteer Group) are preparing to be infilled to provided limited, but much needed military support to the beleaguered  Free Martian Republic forces.  Elsewhere skirmishes with CEGA patrols seems to be on the rise and the Jovian military desperately operates with its hands tied to stop the CEGA advances before its too late.

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