Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dropzone Commander 1st Game ....finally

So, an amazing thing happened last weekend.  For the first time, EVER, my wife decided to play a wargame with me.  My daughter and wife teamed up against me (what they do best) playing the evil Scourge in a starter Dropzone Commander game.  I played the UCM and we fought it out over 6 vicious turns.  Amazingly in the end, I won, by a fair margin, but payed for my victory in dropships.  Two lessons learned: 1) Mobility and timing moves are extremely important.  2) Units die quick if left exposed.

Endstate, I ordered a bunch more DZC stuff to flesh out big armies.  What an easy fun game to play. Laser ruler is a must for LOS.

 First infil complete.
Dropship 2 dies
Turn 1 Rushes for the OBJs.

 In the beginning when I had three dropships for a short while.

Hunting down the last Scourge Infantry to keep last OBJ safe. 
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