Monday, February 4, 2013

Federation Commander BattleRep

First off, I was initially a little intimidated by the Combined "Reference Rulebook" I was using.  The organization was different and it took some adjusting to recognize how thins were laid out.  In the end though I found the game to be very,very easy...unless I totally screwed it up.

The Game:

I set up a meeting engagement game focused on using Klingon and Romulan ships.  Although the point were a bit off on an exact match the game played out very well.

On the first side I had a lone Klingon D7 Battle-cruiser.  The energy was definitely a plus for the Klingons, because their ship is just bursting with weapons.  Maintaining even a speed of 16 it was possible to employ almost all the weapons each turn, until damage became a glaring issue.  The ship is surprisingly nimble and caught the Romulans on their turns quite often.  The only drawback was the lack of armor, which would have been great in stopping a couple of the burn-throughs scored by the Romluans which ended up taking out some key systems.  Otherwise, this ship is very dangerous and it would be smart to only engage with overwhelming maneuverability and firepower.

The other force was a pair of Romulan Battle hawks without cloaking capability.  I made this decision to negate some of the point disparity,but regretted doing so later.  The style of the ships, weaponry and capabilities are closely linked to their employment techniques.  I found that Romulans do not fair so well, even in pairs when the cloak option is taken away.  Alternating between ships being cloaked and decloaked from varying directions would have quickly disabled or destroyed the D7 in a much faster time.

In the end, it was too dangerous for either side to get too close without risking total destruction, so it became a mutual withdraw. 
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