Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heavy Gear Campaign: Operation Sudden Fire Scenario 1 (Mission 1): Block and Run (Solo)

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the comparable army lists for this scenario pack, but in the end I gave up.  Using cards from different lists and I just gave each side 2 CPs for the scenario.  I started this scenario on the last entry, but the wife interrupted and I was unable to finish this really fun scenario until today.  First off, playing solo was much more rewarding this time than any time in the past.  I fought each side really casualties will show.  I didn't keep the mission objectives in mind though and this cost both sides gears which will be missed later.  This highlights the importance and types of tactics used in a single game versus a campaign.  I did use a dedicated die roller which ensured I was not cheating.  She rolled the dice constantly for over 45 minutes on and off....

So we left off on turn 2.  Turn three was a good indication of the bloodbath that was beginning.
North won initiative and opted to let the South move first.  The Iggy and Dart in the west decided to try and run to rejoin the rest of the cadre in the east after successfully drawing three of the Northern gears to the west.   The Iggy was gunned down in the open as it about to reach cover by a Jaguar.  Luckily the pilot rolled a 6 and ejected safely.  The pilot scampered tot eh woods and was last seen riding off the field to  the north on a stolen tractor.  The Dart seeing its faster comrade in front erupt into flames, abruptly  returned to the hill for cover.

In the east the Southern gears enacted a pincer move which had mixed results.  The Iggy moved around the eastern side of the hill catching the Jag in crossfire.  The Mamba stormed over the hil and through the slot to pound the Jaguar to smithereens.  However, the Dart which went around the western side got a RFB shot in the face from the Strike Cheetah.
One of the Northern Hunters cut through the woods and finished off the Dart with crossfire.  

Turn 4 started with North winning initiative again...(I wasn't rolling)...  They opted to go first with some juicy targets available.  The Hunter in the woods blew a big hole in the back of the Mamba (no didn't have the upgraded back...oopps)  The Mamba attempted to flank the wary Cheetah,but was caught and blown to pieces by the Cheetahs RFB.  The Iggy in the east tried to chase down the Cheetah, but fumbled its perfect LRP shot into the Cheetah's back.  A this point the North could have possibly sealed the fate of the South by killing the Iggy, but instead focused on the Dart stuck to the southwest. 

   The Jag and the Hunter in the west had been working to get crossfire and eliminate the cover the lone Dart was effectively using on the hill to the south.  The Dart let fly with a lucky shot salvo of LRPs and decimated the Hunter as it moved through the open to the north of the hill.  Then the next turn it stunned the Jag with a HG and continued to hold off the 2nd Hunter as it approached from the NE.  In a last desperate attempt to rejoin the Iggy to the NE it sprinted to its death NE of the hill.

The Iggy in the east still persisted in catching the Cheetah and blew away the little nuisance once and for all with its LRPs just SW of the hill.

At this point the distance between the remaining Southern Iggy and the two Northern gears was so great that the North would never be able to catch the Iggy as it escaped North.  So the Southern intel analysts will be extremely happy with today's outcome.  Unfortunately it cost the South 4 gears and 3 pilots.  The Northern squad lost sight of its objectives and in an attempt to destroy gears rather than wear them down and prevent there escape failed to keep the South from winning the engagement.  The North lost three gears and pilots.

So South +2 VP for escape,  North 0 VP  On a random roll the South chooses scenario 7...In and Out

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