Sunday, August 11, 2013

Heavy Gear Painting Update

So I took some time to start organizing and prepping my last remaining gears for painting.  I have had them sitting around for a long time (some for years....)
A Southern Strike Cadre with extra gears.  Allows me to change around the configuration of the cadre by just switching out gear combinations.  With these eight I can make Line, Brawler or Rapid Support Strike Cadres.  Gives me a lot of flexibility, but at the same time I can only field one cadre from them. Oh well.

My last two huns and my only Thunderhammer (a little present for my clearly under appreciated Northern forces)

Drakes....hhmmm not sure what to do with these.  One Command and one FS Variant

And my massive Northern point sink...three Mammoths.  I will play a game with all three one day
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