Friday, August 23, 2013

HG Blitz Game: SRA vs WFP Drop Bears

   A buddy came over and played a little game today.  He decided to play with a 550TV SRA force with a GP squad, a FS squad and a section of Elans with AT.  I used a Drop Bear GP squad and a Dragoon squad with some improved 3ATK/3DEF.  That made a huge difference and saved the game for me.  The SRA drew offense and chose to assassinate my Army CDR, Seize an OBJ (Bottle top on hill) and Destroy my Dragoon squad.
The SRA came across the board pretty fast utilizing ground movement and cover as best they could.  The Bears got off a few shots, most notably a couple LGL rounds flattened several bases of Elans before they brought their AGMs and rockets to bear.
The Dragoon squad held the OBJ, while I tried to flank my GP squad to the right and then bring them around to destroy threats to the OBJ.
I finally was able to stack the modifiers coordinated fire and crossfire on a SRA Cobra and brought down the beast in a volley of fire from the GP squad.  It is so entirely clear that maneuvering to maximize your modifiers is the key to success in this game.  SRA attempted to kill my Cheetah failed and instead decided to close and melee to slow down the GP squads flanking maneuver.  It worked pretty well and slowed down the Bears for two turns, but cost them several gears.
   The Dragoon squad fought tenaciously to hold the OBJ but SRA gears stormed the hill. In desperation, a Dingo charged the Cobra supporting the units on the hill.  His assault caused 3 boxes of damage with his Spike gun.  This ended up being the turning point.  The Dragoon squad regrouped and with fire from the GP squad started to eliminate SRA gears near the OBJ.  At this point it was clear that the SRA no longer had the ability to accomplish any of its OBJs any time soon and so we called the game.    A great game.  We continued to learn tactics and how to best utilize the army lists, modifiers and rules to increase lethality.  Hopefully, we continue playing every week.

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